BOUDOIR with a Twist

2013-10-14-boudoir-Magda-09 2013-10-14-boudoir-Magda-11 2013-10-14-boudoir-Magda-15 2013-10-14-boudoir-Magda-20 2013-10-14-boudoir-Magda-22 2013-10-14-boudoir-Magda-27 2013-10-14-boudoir-Magda-28 2013-10-14-boudoir-Magda-37 2013-10-14-boudoir-Magda-47 2013-10-14-boudoir-Magda-55BOUDOIR with a Twist

We are taking boudoir to another level – outdoors. Natural sunlight, water, trees, beach, even pumpkins work as great props and fantastic backgrounds.

Every women deserves to feel like a supermodel. – Please contact Magda with Natura Fashion Media for more details.

We create classy images that can be romantic, sensual, sexy, or naughty. It’s a perfect gift for that special someone, especially if that someone is you.


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