Couples – Anna & Andrew


*Fall In Love*

*Fall In Love*

2013-10-13-Couples-Anna&Andrew-09 2013-10-13-Couples-Anna&Andrew-14 2013-10-13-Couples-Anna&Andrew-16 2013-10-13-Couples-Anna&Andrew-17 2013-10-13-Couples-Anna&Andrew-23 2013-10-13-Couples-Anna&Andrew-28 2013-10-13-Couples-Anna&Andrew-33 2013-10-13-Couples-Anna&Andrew-38 2013-10-13-Couples-Anna&Andrew-43 2013-10-13-Couples-Anna&Andrew-48 2013-10-13-Couples-Anna&Andrew-51 2013-10-13-Couples-Anna&Andrew-57 2013-10-13-Couples-Anna&Andrew-59 2013-10-13-Couples-Anna&Andrew-62 2013-10-13-Couples-Anna&Andrew-64Couples – Anna & Andrew

October 13 ·  · Taken at Beacon Hill Park
*Fall In Love*
Sunny afternoon spent with our favourite couple Anna Kottova &Andrew Kott. We absolutely loved photographing the two of you in the beautiful Beacon Hill Park surrounded by all the colourful leaves, tall grasses, sunshine and your love.
“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”
― Nicholas Sparks

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