Portrait: Dorset Realty Group

Portrait Services.

Our photography services are offered either in our large, fully equipped studio or in any alternate indoor or outdoor location of your choice.

Booking/Detailed Planning.

Starting with the first phone call or visit, we will help you bring your dream portrait to life. Each detail will be discussed, developed, and taken care of.

Creation options:

Business Portrait
Adult/Couple/Pets or 1-2 Children
Family (up to 6 people)
Extended Family (up to 3 groupings)
Large Groups (20+)
Outdoor and Location Photography (additional)
“Celebrate Life” 2 session package
Before and After Newborn Stages


Your images will be available for viewing within a week of your session. Anyone wishing to be a part of the decision making process should be present.


* Create a gift list of people you wish to give portraits to.

* Consider the size and placement of images in specific areas in your home before you come to your viewing session.
You will view your images on our projection system, allowing us to display your images at all available dimensions. We request that you are prepared to make all decisions at this time.

We had a great time doing a commercial photoshoot for a local Dorset Realty Group.


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2014-03-07-Portraits-Dorset-Realty-01 2014-03-07-Portraits-Dorset-Realty-56 2014-03-07-Portraits-Dorset-Realty-54 2014-03-07-Portraits-Dorset-Realty-52 2014-03-07-Portraits-Dorset-Realty-42 2014-03-07-Portraits-Dorset-Realty-38 2014-03-07-Portraits-Dorset-Realty-35 2014-03-07-Portraits-Dorset-Realty-31 2014-03-07-Portraits-Dorset-Realty-30 2014-03-07-Portraits-Dorset-Realty-26 2014-03-07-Portraits-Dorset-Realty-19 2014-03-07-Portraits-Dorset-Realty-15 2014-03-07-Portraits-Dorset-Realty-11 2014-03-07-Portraits-Dorset-Realty-06



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