Event – Takuhi & Friends {Presents} A Tribute to Arno Babajanian

This amazing musical event was held on April 5th, 2014 at the beautiful Vancouver Academy of Music theatre in Vancouver, BC.
It was a spectacular joy of music and community gathering. 

2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-01 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-02 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-03 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-04 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-05 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-06 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-07 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-08 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-09 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-10 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-11 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-12 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-13 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-14 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-15 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-16 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-17 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-18 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-19 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-20 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-21 2014-04-05-Takuhi&Friends-22


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