This is Daniel and Magda Borowski, your videography and photography team.

Daniel has been a professional photographer and videographer for over 10 years in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. Magda is the manager, onsite posing director and a secondary camera assistant.

From a young age, Daniel was always passionate about creating striking images, whether through painting, drawing or photography. Working in this industry has given him the freedom to continue with his passion, while creating beautiful videos and photos for the clients. Daniel pays a great attention to every details. Every photo and video is a piece of art for him and he truly puts his heart into it.

Magda has been always interested in art, fashion and modelling. When she met Daniel 10 years they instantly clicked and connected their passions for photo and videography. Magda is a people’s person and loves working in this field. Her warm personality will put you at ease.

Whether you are looking for lifestyle photos such as couples, boudoir, maternity, new born, pets or special events as well as corporate and real estate, Natura Fashion Media can assist you as we offer a wide range of services.

Take a look around. If you like what you see, drop us a line. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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